• Meaningless Information

    “The information I get from testing is meaningless”

  • Not enough time to test

    “Our budget doesn’t cover the testers we need”

  • Not Enough Time to Test

    “We don’t have time to test properly”

Skilled Software Testrs

Hiring Software Testers

Do you know what makes a great software tester? We do! After working in the software testing industry for 20 years and interviewing hundreds of testers, we know how to quickly recognise and source talented software testers. But we recognise …

Training Software Testers

Training and Events

Testing Times offers corporate and public training to software testers within Australia and internationally.  We also arrange both public and corporate training from overseas experts. In 2015 James Bach will be offering his Rapid Software Testing class through Testing Times. James Bach is …


Software Testing Services

Testing Times offers consulting services in software testing in a context driven way. Our consulting is focused on  understanding your software development environment, the people in your company and what you want your software to become. Once we’ve done that, …