Why Test Leadership?

How testing is viewed within delivery of software has changed significantly in the last ten years. Testing no longer is seen as sitting passively at the end of a delivery chain with a rubber stamp. Contemporary ideas on delivery demand leadership from their testers all through the delivery lifecycle. Companies like Atlassian, and Microsoft have Quality Assistants. Many other companies now use cross functional teams with a tester sitting alongside multiple developers to help deliver a quality product.

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What’s wrong with Test Management?

Nothing! But as agile becomes the norm method of software delivery, new challenges are posed. A test manager typically has a different skill set to test leader.

JP Kotter best expresses this with his quote in “what leaders really do”:

“Managers press for stability, Leaders press for change”.

Our companies are demanding we  become better equipped to handle change and that means better at test leadership and less focused on test management.

But where to start?

This class gives you an introduction to test leadership. It will show you:

1) The differences between test leadership and test management
2) Creating a vision and strategy for your organisation
3) Techniques to try as a test leader
4) Typical challenges and how test leaders approach them
5) Coaching Testing

There will be plenty of opportunity to practise test leadership skills and examples of how test leadership worked (and failed).

If you are interested in this course, please text Maddy on 0409 716 969 with the special introduction code LEAD101 and she will contact you with more details.