Testing Times

This one day class is an introduction to the systematic approach to coaching testers developed by James Bach & Anne-Marie Charrett.

Coaching software testers facilitates the ongoing self-education of a tester. In this coaching model the tester controls what they learn, making it relevant and powerful compared to traditional teaching practices.


The workshop will focus on the following aspects of coaching testers:

  •     Building a connection with your student
  •     Observation in Coaching
  •     The Coaching Task including some Heirloom Exercises
  •     The Coaching Syllabus
  •     Managing Tension & Energy in a Coaching Session
  •     Patterns in coaching
  •     Creating Dilemma’s in coaching
  •     Analysing Coaching Sessions

Testers will have the opportunity to observe, analyse and practice coaching sessions throughout the day.

Who should attend?

This workshop is suitable for experienced testers and test managers who want to learn how to coach testers.

How might I benefit?

Coaching testers is a skill that test managers and testers can learn to help improve tester skill and original thinking. You can help coach testers remotely on within a team environment.

By Coaching Software Testers your understanding of the testing deepens.

Attending this one day class will give you and understanding of coaching testers and an opportunity to practice this skill in a learning environment.

What might I learn?

Learn how to deepen a testers learning through challenge and accomplishment leaving the tester feeling  enthusiastic about testing, with the motivation to continue self learning.

The workshop is exercise orientated so there will be  many opportunities to practice the art of coaching testers. Please bring a laptop with the ability to connect to Wi-Fi.

Contact Anne-Marie on 0410560923 or email inquiries@testingtimes.com.au