Here’s a list of articles, presentations and class material that I’ve made available under the creative commons license.

Exploratory Testing Class Material
Here are downloads for slides in my Exploratory Testing Class.

Not me speaking, but someone I admire enormously. Keith Klain, Head of the Global Test Centre for Barclays Bank, speaks about leading change.

Here are some videos, one is a webinar and the other is me discussing coaching

Here are some articles I wrote on software testing.

Beware the Lotus Eaters
This article explores the dangers of stopping short in Exploratory Testing because we have reached “Done Enough” as opposed to “Good Enough”. Done enough normally happens when either you’ve found a few bugs and the team is happy with you. You know there is more testing that could be done, but you lose interest. Read more about how I got caught out by thinking how I had tested enough only to discover a world of possible ways to test, if I had only thought a little outside the square
From One Expert to Another: Meeta Prakash

In this article, I interviewed Meeta about what it takes to train and coach sofware testers. Meeta is an experienced trainer and coach in India, and I very much enjoyed sharing experiences with her.
I’m a tester get me out of here!
You’ve had the mother of all days, you’re testing has gone on longer than expected, you’ve been asked to stay late to release, everyone else has left home and you’ve got no support. Besides that your boss doesn’t seem to understand testing. It’s times like this when you feel like jumping ship. This article looks at some things you can do if you feel this way.
Monkey Business

Does your organisation suffer from a  “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” mentality? Here are some pointers to recognize the symptom and some tips on how to get out of this rut.

Conference Presentations

Some presentations including keynotes I’ve given at software testing conferences in the US, Europe and in Australia.

When Requirements are not Enough: Testing with Oracles
This talk I gave was about how we have trouble when we try to test only to requirements and we use other sources of information to help us figure out if something is a bug or not.

Coaching Software Testers
This talk was about how you coach software testers remotely using Skype.
Photos by @ru_altom & @DuncNisbet and a write up by David Greenlees

We are the 99%
I gave this talk about how we can gain strength in testing through following our hearts, striving for excellence and having courage to follow through.

CAST Conference: Coaching Testers
STANZ Melbourne: Motivating Testers


Coaching Software Testers Anne-Marie Charrett & James Bach
Coaching Testers Matt Heusser & Michael Larsen part I  Podcast Twist #69
Coaching Testers With Matt Heusser & Michael Larsen Podcast part II Twist #70
Coaching Testers Podcast

Interview: by Testing Circus
I was interviewed for the Testing Circus magazine, so if you want to know some more about me, here’s a good place to go.