Testing Times partners with like minded consultancies to bring the best and brightest minds to our clients. We do this to learn off each other, but also because we enjoy working together. We believe we bring different skills to the table, so we can provide a range of services to clients.

Trish Khoo

Trish has over 10 years experience in software engineering with a focus on team productivity, tools and infrastructure, test automation, risk mitigation and organizational change. She like things to release more often and break less often. She’s worked for startups, enterprise corporations, government and consultancies. She’s worked for companies such as Google and Microsoft, in Australia, UK and USA.

Peng Wang

Peng Wang Developer Coach Testing Times

Peng is an experienced software engineer with strong expertise in setting up quality practice among development teams. His work focus on building testing frameworks, better developers and testers via coaching, and bringing in best suited tools and infrastructures to improve productivity. He takes pride in building sublime quality software and has set his foot on the path of helping more to achieve it. He has worked with companies of all sizes in Australia and also Microsoft in US.

Danielle Moore

Danielle Moore Quality Coach Testing Times

Danielle has 15 years of experience in quality engineering. She has experience across a variety of industries, team sizes, and technologies. She focuses on building products with high quality the first time to reduce rework. Her skills lie in coaching people and improving team-level quality practices to make large-scale change. Her experience includes quality engineering work at JPMorgan Chase, Atlassian, and Freedom Scientific in the USA and Australia.

Sammie Pan

Sammie is a Continuous Delivery Practice Engineer with over 12 years of experience across infrastructure automation and test automation.

She focuses on putting in best practices with quality-first in mind and up-skill the team accordingly.
She is fully immersed into the world of DevOps and Quality Engineering movement from working for startups, corporations and government agencies.

Catherine Karena

Catherine Karena Training & Recruitment at Testing Times

Catherine trains, consults and recruits people primarily for the development and test market.  She has a track record of innovative training programs in New Zealand, Australia, and China. Recently she leveraged her experience, to enable disadvantaged youth to compete with Uni’ IT Graduates, outperforming them in securing jobs into top tier companies. Her social mission is to disrupt youth education and recruitment in IT.

Quality Focused Consultancies

Testing Times is a small boutique software testing consultancy. We enjoy partnering with like minded quality focused consultancies and individuals. Contact Anne-Marie on 0410560923 if you are interested in being part of the Testing Times partnership group.

Alternatively, email us on partners@testingtimes.com.au

Teach Quality & Testing

Are you a software testing professional that wants to teach? Perhaps you wish to hold internal classes for your company but need some advice on how to teach and structure a class?  At Testing Times we will help you with course content & course structure. We will also provide you the opportunity to sell your class through Testing Times.

Contact Anne-Marie on 0410560923 if you are interested in becoming a trainer in software testing. Alternatively, email us on partners@testingtimes.com.au