Quality Engineering

Quality Engineering offers alternative approaches to improving the quality of a product.

Quality is not Testing

Testing is often equated with Quality but this is not true. Testing helps shine a light on the state of quality, in itself it does nothing to improve or change Quality. Testing is simply one activity among many that can be performed to improve the quality of a product. Quality Engineering offers alternative approaches to improving the quality of a product. Typically there are external factors to the quality of the product that impact quality. For example, we look at ‘developer pace’ – how can we help software developers achieve a consistent pace of work that supports the end result of a quality product?

Quality Operating model

Our Quality Operating Model and Quality Radar is used to understand the contextual nature of quality, and then identify outcomes, metrics and actions that help eliminate waste.

Quality Engineering Training

Testing Times has partnered with Trish Khoo to deliver some Quality Engineering Training.
We’re currently focused on providing in-house classes to corporate clients.However register your interest for a public class and we will get back to you when we go live with that.

Contact Catherine at catherine@testingtimes.com.au to register your interest or find out more.

Quality Engineering Meetup

Keen to understand more? Why not attend our Quality Engineering Meetup?

Quality Engineering

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Meetup to explore contemporary quality engineering practices

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For more information on Quality Engineering contact Anne-Marie at amcharrett@testingtimes.com.au