This course will be held for five weeks. There is a two hour online, interactive class followed by assignments. Attendees have the option of getting feedback to enhance the learning moment.

Subject Objectives

  • On completion of this subject, the student will have the potential to:
  • Understand how context drives how software testing is performed
  • Think critically in software testing
  • Creating Test Strategies
  • Know how to model a product for the purposes of software testing
  • Become proficient in bug finding
  • Create test reports that provide relevant information to software testing stakeholders

On completion of this subject, the student will improve

  • Their understanding of what software testing is and how it relates to other roles in product development
  • Their ability to think critically by asking useful questions.

Teaching and learning strategies

This course is based on the principles of experiential learning with an emphasis of understanding through doing. Each topic will be taught through a practical exercise. Students will have the opportunity to work individually and in groups to complete assignments throughout the course. There will be a final group assessment where students will work in a company to create a test strategy, test software and develop a test report on the software tested.


This subject will cover the following topics:
1) Critical Thinking in Software Testing
2) Test Strategy: Modelling
3) Test Strategy: Risk
4) Exploratory Testing
5) Oracles and Bug Finding
6) Test Reports and Bug Reporting


This course runs for five weeks and requires a commitment of 2 hours interactive class and a further 2 hours assignment work.


Time: UTC 10am – 12pm.

Cost: $500 AUD

Contact Maddy on 0409 716 969 or email for more details.