Are you the only tester or developer on test in your company?
Would you like support for tough testing decisions?
Do you want coaching on better testing approaches?
Do you wish you had the vocabulary to help influence stakeholders about quality?
Do you need additional on call testing support?

Team Maverick is a mentoring and coaching program supporting testers and developers wishing to perform quality testing.

How does Team Maverick work?

The program is built on four key elements.

1. Monthly live sessions to work on your testing in a systematic way:

Each month get together with like minded testers working in similar environments to yours and learn a new concept in software testing. Learn basic testing skills that allow you to test efficiently and facilitate rapidly changing environments. These sessions are about developing testing skill. They are practical and hands on. The class contains no more than 15 people, so you get one one one attention and support.

2. Accountability to achieve your goals:

Working alone in a small organisation can be hectic as your business needs to be able to react rapidly to customer needs. But that can make it hard for you to achieve the goals you want, no matter how well intentioned you are! As soon as you put in a structure, wham, some new client or feature comes along and yor new approach gets overlooked in the need to deliver. No more! Team Maverick works with you the help you work out what your goals are, and helps you keep accountable to those goals.

3. Weekly coaching calls:
Stumped for an idea on how to test? Don’t know how to approach your boss for more resources? Join the TEAM MAVERICK weekly call to help get ideas and support for a specific problem. Here you will receive ideas from your peers to help you quickly solve the problem at hand.Get support when generating a test strategy, or approaching a testing problem. Maybe even do some crowd testing!

4. On call Resources
Specialised work often requires specialised skills.  Team Maverick helps you partner with performance, security and automation experts to help you in crucial aspects of your testing strategy.

Who is Team Maverick for?

Team Maverick is for testers who…

are testing a product within a business
are open to doing things differently to achieve new results
are motivated, ambitious and growth-oriented

Packages: $950/month for 12 months or $10,450 for a year
Premium Package(One on One weekly coaching): $1150/month for 12 months or $12640 a year

Book monthly payments online

contact Maddy on 0409 716 969 for more details.