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When Deepika Loganathan and Anne-Marie Charrett worked at Tyro Payments, they witnessed how agile can work to deliver high quality product focused software. They decided there and then, that these insights were too good to be kept in the dark and so Testing Times was born.

Testing Times is a software consultancy company which focuses on helping clients to deliver high quality software by embedding quality throughout product design, development and operations. Testing Times helps clients to adopt a strategy focused on business outcomes. We structure our pricing in a competitive way. For example, we offer cost neutral transformations that unlock untapped revenue or reduce cost.

Testing Times have a variety of clients ranging from start up, growth, and enterprise organisations with experience in a variety of industries including fintech, banking, insurance, retail and medical devices.






Who we are

Your partner in end to end quality

Testing Times is an integrated consulting team of product managers, developers, and quality engineers that help you build quality experiences people love. Driven by our outcome orientated process we deliver end-to-end experiences to help businesses grow. From websites and apps to complex systems, we work with you from strategy to execution.






What we do

Building experiences people love

Testing Times provides quality engineering and software testing services that enable you to maintain and improve quality at speed. Our quality engineers, product owners and software developers have a forward thinking approach to constantly improving quality and delivering value. We provide professional services, consulting, training and coaching in all aspects of life cycle delivery. We are you tech partners providing you with professional software delivery from start to finish.






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