Agile Leadership Training with Selena Delesie

Selena Delesie is heading to Australia in October 2018 and her agile leadership training is available through Testing Times.

Agile Leadership Training available:

Selena Delesie Agile Leadership Training

The Alchemy of Leadership (one day)

To be an industry giant today, you must lead people to step into their personal power. To be a company that people WANT to work for, you must align with and create an environment that supports their values. To delight your customers, you must light them up. To engage staff as innovative high performers, you must connect with their inner voice and truth and allow them to share their brilliance.
Leadership is a practice of alchemy. The new paradigm requires leaders to be masters of energy and transformation. In this interactive class, learn practical approaches to engage your staff to rapidly shift from survival and disempowerment into thriving and empowered performers. Your business success relies on it.

Key Learnings:

  • Exploration of Values: Organizational vs Team vs Personal
  • How leaders contribute to low team performance and what to do about it
  • Four survival patterns people get stuck in that limit team success
  • Coaching techniques to shift people into empowerment
  • Evolution of individual leadership styles
  • The real practice of alchemy in leadership

Inspired Change Leadership (one day)

Managing, facilitating and even coping with change can be a challenge. Finding where you fit or how to grow a change initiative effectively can be a struggle, even if you have been a part of an organization dealing with change before. Successfully navigating change requires strong leadership —and not the command and control kind that we’ve all experienced.

There is a mistaken belief that the people with manager or lead in their job title are the ones responsible for leadership. The truth is, anyone, on any team, can (and should) be a stellar leader. For a team to be highly successful, each person steps up and embraces their personal leadership. What does that mean? What does it look like?

This interactive class guides you in discovering these answers and to step into your own personal leadership. You will be supported in participating in simulations and activities designed to help you understand, adapt, and contribute to different change initiatives. You will unearth and apply your unique leadership gifts. You will leave with increased self-awareness, techniques to work with others to support changes, and ideas for how to influence your underlying organization. This workshop is for anyone interested in becoming a stellar leader at work, or in any area of life.

Agile Leadership (two day)

For leaders who influence teams’ Agility, well-being, and outcomes. Typical attendees include directors, managers, executives, and other senior managers. Develop an Agile mindset and clarity on how to be an Agile Leader that enables personal & team agility. Learn how to increase organizational Agility as leadership creates the foundation and conditions for teams to thrive while implementing truly Agile processes.

This is an instructional & experiential class, involving a mix of interactive teaching, group discussion, activities, and experiential practice. Everything is anchored to the experience of Agile development. Topics include:

  • Real benefits to using Agile
  • The Agile way of working, within teams, within programs, and across an organization
  • The importance of leadership in a successful Agile adoption and internal alignment of the company
  • Challenges experienced in Agile adoptions and how to address them, successfully
  • How to create and support a truly successful Agile culture
  • Agile values, beliefs, and principles that allow for high performing teams
  • The Agile mindset and way of working that leads to higher success
  • Key Agile behaviours that create a strong foundation for higher performance, more engaged staff, increased quality & value delivery, and reduced costs & schedules

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