API Testing Class

API Software Testing

A one day class providing software testers an introduction into API Software Testing. This class focuses on how to test a product API, how to use an API to enhance testing and how to perform basic API checking.  The class is designed with an emphasis on in-depth practical exercises. This class is held on a Saturday for those unable to attend during the week.


Webservice Introduction

  • Why Webservice?
  • Implementations – SOAP and REST
  • SOAP: WSDL, Operations and XML Format
  • REST: XML or JSON – Typical REST Response. Understanding Json.

Tools Used

  • List of Popular tools used.

Testing a Webservice – Types

Http Protocol Basics

  • Overview and Evolution of HTTP
  • Http Message
  • Http Request Headers
  • Query Parameters
  • Http Request Methods
  • Http Request Body
  • Http Response Status Codes
  • Http Response Headers
  • Http Response Body

Postman (Hands on)

  • Basic Navigation
  • Collections
  • Syncing

Workspaces (Hands on)

  • Intro to Workspaces
  • Creating Workspaces
  • Managing Workspaces
  • Using Workspaces
  • Sharing collections in Workspaces

Scripting (Hands on) 

  • Intro to scripts
  • o Pre-request scripts
  • Test scripts and examples
  • Debugging
  • Branching and looping
  • Assertions

Validating Responses

  • Status Code
  • Response Time
  • Parsing complicated Json

Environments and Global (Hands On)

  • Why environments and globals?
  • Variables
  • Manage environments
  • Manage globals
  • Sessions


IT Professionals wanting to learn API Software Testing.

Duration: 1 day

Contact Arushee@testingtimes.com.au for more information