API Exploratory Testing

API Exploratory Testing Class

This one day workshop teaches the fundamentals of API Testing in an Exploratory way.

This class is experiential and contains practical exercises to help perform exploratory testing in a systematic way.

The class will focus on the following aspects of Exploratory Testing an API:

  • API fundamentals
  • Heuristics in API Exploratory Testing
  • Using PostMan and curl in Exploratory Testing
  • Using PostMan in API Exploratory Testing
  • Oracles in API Testing
  • API Testing Strategy

Who is this API Exploratory Testing Class for?

This course is aimed at testers wanting to learn about API’s and how to test them in an exploratory manner.  It is suitable for exploratory and manual testers who typically test at GUI level who want to move to testing at the API layer instead.

Dates  & Pricing

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Anne-Marie Charrett Training Quality

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Anne-Marie Charrett is the trainer for this course. 

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