I offer online and in house coaching to software testers. I use a systematic approach to coaching that I’ve developed in association with James Bach.

My coaching has an emphasis on developing a software testers skill through tasks and dialogue in a positive way.

Coaching sessions are approximately 60 to 90 minutes long, and can be performed remotely.

I offer packages in coaching. Please contact me at for more details.

What is a coaching session

A coaching session is a one on one interaction, through Skype. Its normally 90 mins long.

A coaching session falls naturally into 3 areas, understanding the tester, the task and the debrief. I spend time understanding a tester, their skill level, what challenges they face etc. This helps me identify an appropriate task or exercise. I then take the tester through the testing exercise. I use Socratic dialogue to help them understand their skill level and how it can be improved.

Following the task, I then take the tester through a debrief where we discuss the task, how it relates to their particular work consideration.

Coaching differs to consulting in that its the tester who works out the solution. Coaching sessions often involve additional work and I may ask you to email me information before a coaching session to better understand your context.

Testing Times offers coaching for software testers remotely on in house. The coaching we perform is focused on improving your ability to test and its driven by what *you* the tester need.

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