Coaching Testing Class

Coaching Testing Class

This one-day coaching testing class is an introduction to the systematic approach to coaching testers developed by James Bach & Anne-Marie Charrett.

Coaching software testers facilitate the ongoing self-education of a tester. In this coaching model, the tester controls what they learn, making it relevant and powerful compared to traditional teaching practices.


The workshop will focus on the following aspects of coaching testers:

  •     Building a connection with your student
  •     Observation in Coaching
  •     The Coaching Task including some Heirloom Exercises
  •     The Coaching Syllabus
  •     Managing Tension & Energy in a Coaching Session
  •     Patterns in coaching
  •     Creating Dilemma’s in coaching
  •     Analysing Coaching Sessions

Testers will have the opportunity to observe, analyse and practice coaching sessions throughout the day.

Dates to be Held

August 6th 2018 – Florida

Contact catherine@testingtimes.com.au for  details on content and pricing

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