Why is hiring testers such a difficult task? For some reason, no matter how hard you work at it, hiring testers is a challenging and costly exercise. It appears to not be rocket science, but clearly it is. So how do companies and agencies learn to differentiate:

What makes a good tester from an average tester?

In my experience, learning this skill is not easy. Sure you can badger your client or your testers for what they want, but how about if you came armed with pre-information that would help you instill confidence that you know what it takes to hire a great tester?

This is why I’ve designed this class. It’s to help companies and agencies understand how to hire a tester that works to benefit an organisation.

This is a one day class that will help testers and non-testers alike learn how to:

1) Create a job description that reflects what an organisation is looking for

2) Learn how to identify what makes a good tester

3) Learn how to question a tester to identify if they really do have that tester mindset

3) Learn a hiring process that will quickly and effectively identify good candidates

I will offer you tips and tricks on how to quickly identify excellent testing skills.

This class uses practical exercises to help attendees understand and gain a sound understanding of what it takes to hire a good tester.