Welcome to the Maverick Tester’s Club

The maverick tester’s club is a three month program that combines training, coaching, and collaboration to embed software testing principles to everyday work practices.

There are two programs on offer, software testing and test leadership.

Maverick Tester’s Club: Software Testing Program

The first is an introduction to software testing. It’s perfect as a training program for testers who have just joined your company.

This class is based on my popular Enterprise Software Testing class developed and run at UTS. It teaches the fundamentals of software testing that can be adapted to any context.  It teaches how testers can apply these skills in a systematic and deliberate way.


The following modules are taught

  • Software Testing Basics
  • Modeling & Observation in Software Testing
  • Critical Thinking in Software Testing
  • Heuristics in Software Testing
  • Living Testing Strategies  
  • Oracles in Software Testing


Maverick Tester’s Club: Test Leadership Program

The test leadership program is ideal for testers who wish to take the next step in leadership.


The following modules are taught

  • How to coach software testers 
  • Creating a vision for your organisation
  • Developing a Quality Engineering Strategy
  • Hiring Software Testers
  • What type of leader are you?


Maverick Tester’s Club Structure

Monthly live training sessions

Each month the group attends a live training session on one of the topics in the course. The content is designed to be hands-on so basic concepts are well understood

Small groups

There are no more than 12 people in each class. You get hands-on support and expertise customized to your context.

Weekly live online coaching sessions

Join us for weekly online sessions from your office so we can answer your questions, review work and keep you moving in the right direction.

Access to proven testing resources and expertise

You get to work with the best and have access to their knowledge base


We all know how sometimes work gets in the way of our best intentions. We help keep you focused on achieving your goals

Be part of a community

With the Maverick Tester’s Club, you will be connected to a community of smart testers from various industries to help you brainstorm, connect and come up with the software testing solutions to propel you forward.

Contact Catherine for pricing details.

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