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MOT & Testing Times – Growing & Nurturing the Future of Testing

As I mentioned in a previous post, Testing Times has partnered with Ministry of Testing to bring TestBash Australia to Sydney. It’s been a busy year for my colleague in crime David Greenlees (Innodev) and me, Anne-Marie Charrett, CEO of Testing Times. We wanted a program that provided new ideas yet helped build community. We definitely met that goal with TestBash Australia firmly cementing itself on the Australian conference market as somewhere to nurture and grow the future of testing. 

One reason why we partnered with Ministry of Testing is that we are both passionate about building community. 

Testing Times and TestBash Australia are about building community and providing a space for testing to thrive and be healthy. Skilled Testers don’t just happen, they are nurtured through training and being provided experience to practice these vital skills

Testing Times does this by supporting, training and providing work opportunities to testers and developers who want to become better at testing. community and growing.  Back in 2010, we were fundamental in the growth of the Sydney Testers Meetup. In 2017,  we founded and run the Quality Engineering Meetup to allow for a broader discussion on quality. 

We partner with Test-Ed to train people struggling to get into testing, by providing Exploratory Testing and API Testing classes. 

We connect people through coaching through our Maverick Testers’s Club allowing solo test leads and testers to benefit having a virtual team to share ideas and learn from. 

We use our software testing services to provide opportunities for these students to get practical hands-on testing experience giving them that much needed first job in testing. After all, if we don’t nurture new testers into our field, how are we going to develop the quality coaches of the future? 

If you are interested in being trained in Exploratory or API Testing, why not check out our classes? If you are a company that is passionate about quality, consider using our independent software testing services and give the future of testing a space to breathe in your organization.

See you at TestBash Australia next year! — Anne-Marie, CEO Testing Times 

TestBash Australia and Testing Times nurturing the future of testing
Danny Matthias is part of the Test-Ed program where Testing Times is teaching her how to perform API Exploratory Testing. Danny blitzed the bug bash competition winning a prize to any TestBash of her choice.