Quality Engineering & Software Testing Consulting

Testing Times is the home of contemporary quality engineering and software testing expertise in Sydney.  We focus on offering a contemporary quality engineering solution to our clients. 

We offer solutions to customers wishing to :

  • develop a quality approach that adopts ‘quality is a team responsibility’ mindset
  • improve their software testing strategy to fit into a more agile approach to software engineering
  • Teams finding that testing is taking too long 
  • Teams wanting to identify and measure quality improvement in a contemporary context 
  • Teams wanting to improve their testing approaches

World renown expert in software testing and quality engineering, Anne-Marie Charrett will provide you with the know-how to improve quality in your organisation. 

Anne-Marie has worked with the greats including Macquarie Bank and IAG but also the upcoming greats such as Tyro Payments and Campaign Monitor. 

Anne-Marie specialises in helping organisations transition to a contemporary approach to identifying and improving quality.  She works with your context, identifying the outcomes you desire and helping you to achieve that through expert and coaching. 

Contact catherine@testingtimes.com.au for  details on content and pricing

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