Disrupting the Hiring Process

The Hiring Process is broken

We feel something is badly broken with existing hiring processes. It fails to put people at the centre and consequently people become almost forgotten. Read about how we are changing that.The very nature of recruitment and hiring is to find a suitable person for your organisation. You’d never guess this though, when looking at a typical hiring process.

What is the first thing you are asked to do when you apply for a role? Submit a resume to a database system or an inbox. In response, you will get an automated email thanking you for your submission and indicating that someone will get back to you some time in the future. Good luck with that. Because the next step in the process is the automated keyword search to identify if your skills match those in the job description. This filters out any resumes that don’t automatically reach the essentials in your job description. Most people don’t hear back from agencies unless their resume passess through these filters.

If you are one of the lucky ones to get through this process, a human starts looking at your resume. More than four pages though and its likely to be discarded. Next hurdle is unconscious bias. Got a non anglican name? What a shame, as your resume looked alright…. It’s only then, that you may be lucky enough to get a phone call for a discussion.

I do get it though. I’ve been on the side of the hiring person. The sheer number of resumes that get sent force many resort to this dehumanised process. And while it’s understandable, it’s a terrible approach to find people. Because recruitment and hiring is about relationships and people. It’s about understanding where a person is coming from and what they aspire to. A resume doesn’t provide that. A resume is like a malnourished skeleton of a person’s work. It does nothing to provide flesh to who that person is, their aspirations and goals.

No More Resumes

That’s why at Testing Times we’ve stopped asking for resumes. Instead we want to talk to you. We want to find out why you want to work for us, what your aspirations are and work work excites you. Only by talking to people do you come to understand a person. Obvious right? I know what you’re thinking though. You’re saying impractical and way to time consuming. And, you have a point. Hiring people is time consuming and hard work. But is that a bad thing? People matter. If we are to invest energy and hard work into anything, it should be people. After all, its people that make companies and culture work. The existing process as it stands does its best to remove the person applying for work from the process. An interview at the end is almost an imposition on the automated process. If only we could remove the job applicant from the hiring process, our jobs would be so much easier. The process as it stands encourages us to treat recruitment as a numbers game. And while i get it, it seems inherently a terrible premise and mindset to begin the hiring process.

Have a chat!

So at Testing Times we’re slowing down. We’ve freed our calendars and opened them up for 15 minute chat with persons interested in working for us and our clients. We will speak to anyone up books a chat. Then if we feel we can help, only then will we request a resume. What do you think? Are you a job seeker looking for new work? Do you think this approach is better? Or perhaps you are a recruiter and you have a different view point? Let us know, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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