Conor Fi & Rob Meany: Experimenting our way to Team-based Testing

Conor Fi & Rob Meany: Experimenting our way to Team-based Testing

Often we feel like the “lone tester”, overwhelmed with the burden of testing. Every discussion about quality can feel like a battle, that we are always scrambling and the responsibility of testing rests solely on our “gatekeeping” shoulders. This can be an isolating experience and it can appear that you’re the bottleneck to your team’s productivity.

Rob and Conor between them have accumulated over 30 years of testing experience. They’ve both worked through a variety of painful testing experiences and wanted to break the cycle of the “lone tester”. When they got the opportunity to work together a second time, they decided it was time to explore a different path, whole team testing.

Introducing whole team testing to an engineering department is challenging, they will openly share our successes and failures including over three years worth of different experiments.


  • How to adopt a Whole team responsibility for quality.
  • How to use visualisation to manage the testing burden.
  • How to get people from different disciplines involved in testing and automation.
  • How to build testing skills across different disciplines.

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Conor Fitzgerald

Conor Fitzgerald is a Quality Advocate with 15 years of experience. He is passionate about whole team testing and working with teams on quality improvements. Currently, he is working as Head of Testing for Poppulo in Cork, Ireland. He has spoken at a number of conferences in recent years, including SoftTestDublin, TestBash,OnlineTestConf, and RebelCon.

Conor is an active member of the test community and is a Co-Founder of the Ministry of Testing Cork.

Previous positions included Test Consultant, Test Lead/Manager and Automation focused roles. These positions were held in a wide variety of industries from embedded systems to financial systems with companies ranging from startups to large multinationals such as Intel.

Occasionally blogs here at and frequently tweets at @conorfi.

Rob Meaney

Rob is co-author, with Ash Winter, of the Team Guide to Software Testability. He’s currently Director of Engineering at Glofox in Ireland. Rob works with teams to help improve the quality of their software products and processes while also having fun. He loves to help them tackle tough testing and software delivery problems. He’s especially interested in Quality Engineering, Test Coaching, Testability, and Operability.

Rob a frequent speaker at international conferences, facilitates workshops on a range of subjects and is very engaged with the online testing community. He’s the co-founder of the Ministry of Testing: Cork meetup group. His previous positions include Quality Engineering Manager, Test Manager, Automation Architect, and Test Engineer with companies in diverse domains ranging from large multinational corporations to early-stage startups.