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How to go about testing microservices
Developing a Software Testing Strategy for microservices requires more than understanding software test automation. This case study describes additional approaches to enable a testing strategy that puts the consumer at the heart of the testing
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Tyro Payments Scaling Quality
Scaling Quality through rapid company growth without compromising on quality.
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How Cloudscene used automation testing to increase delivery speed
Cloudscene looked to deliver features at speed. Traditional testing methods impeded this. Testing Times created a Cypress software test automation framework that enabled rapid deployment of consumer value
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Zuper - Building Quality In
Zuper, a startup focused on generating wealth for millennials. Zuper allows millennials to choose how their money is invested. They approached Testing Times wanting to improve the quality of their insurance mobile app. In particular, they wished to find ways to improve quality overall and identify how to find bugs earlier in the life cycle, improving customer satisfaction.
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Exploratory Testing References
This collection focuses on blogs and articles and books on the subject of Exploratory Testing written in the last 10 years.
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Contemporary Quality Engineering
Quality engineering enables visualisation of the state of quality anytime in the delivery lifecycle of a system or service. It does so in terms of its business outcome."​