Tyro Payments Scaling Quality

Tyro Payments Scaling Quality

Rapid Growth resulted in increased products and number of engineering teams. How to maintain and improve quality during a scale up? How to ensure compliance to government regulatory requirements and sustain product innovation and rapid deployment?


Teams were using Xtreme Agile approaches Test Driven Development An independent testing team maintained automated test scripts Tyro Payments was aiming for their banking license.

Rapid Growth in Teams

  • Engineering team and agile teams were expanding rapidly
  • The test team was a becoming a bottleneck for releases
  • How to increase test coverage without increasing the time required for testing?
  • Shift left approach was adopted
  • Cross-functional teams were initiated with testers embedded into the software development teams
  • Increased knowledge share and collaboration was recorded between developers and software testers and
  • Reduced time was recorded for testing.

New Architecture

  • A microservices architecture, required a different testing strategy.
  • New frameworks helped identify integration issues, avoiding heavy dependence on end to end testing.
  • Early testing was enabled in test environments with production test data being deployed into teams
  • Production Validation was encouraged to be performed by Software Developers to demonstrate their features worked in production.

Cross Functional Teams

  • We focused on driving a collaborative conversation at the team level.
  • Security Training was arranged for all software developers and testers so that everyone was responsible for security.

Agility in Product

  • We focused on delivering minimum viable products that could be tested by the people who mattered most, our customers.
  • We focused on ensuring a quality standard throughout delivery. Instead of a compliance phase at the end of delivery, we ensured compliance through ongoing processes and technology such as distributed tracing.
  • This ensured rapid deployment and the ability to shorten the feedback loop between feature and client response.

What Success meant for us

  • Reducing the testing time by 50%
  • Deploying a loans product from ideation to release in 6 months
  • Moving to continuous deployment 0% downtime
  • Rapid Engineering Growth of 50% without compromising quality

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