Unlock the Power of Testing in Production with Observability

Unlock the Power of Testing in Production with Observability with Abby Bangser

What if we could say that at first, only our company employees could see the change? Or only users on a certain device type? Or only users who are part of the beta program? Now the “blast radius” of the change impact is better defined, and therefore control over the scale of impact. But what about feedback on the reaction to this change? Just as testability provides hooks to support discoveries through exploratory testing, observability enables exploratory testing on real time user experiences.

Listen to Abby for more examples and explanations about how leveraging the dynamic duo of observability and testing in production is the next step for empowering software teams to deliver high quality, high impact software with speed and confidence.

Learn observability

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Abby Bangser - Senior Engineer, Duffel, UK

Abby Bangser is a software tester with a keen interest in working on products where fellow engineers are the users. Abby brings the techniques of analysing and testing customer facing products to tools like delivery pipelines and logging so as to generate clearer feedback and greater value. Currently Abby is a Test Engineer on the Platform Engineering team at MOO which supports the shared infrastructure and tooling needs of the organisation.

Outside of work Abby is active in the community by co-leading TechVoices which mentors new and diverse speakers, co-hosting the London Essentials which brings together mentors and new joiners to the software testing industry, and hosts the London chapter of ‘#CoffeeOps meetup which provides a more interactive space for DevOps professionals to discuss relevant topics.