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BDD Applied (USA)

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Next Available: TBD

Exploratory Testing (Sydney)

Early Bird: $1100 AUD pp

Next Available: 4th March 2021

BDD Curriculum

Early Bird From: $199 AUD pp

Next Available: 14th April 2021

Exploratory Testing (Online)

$300 AUD pp

Next Available: April 8th-9th 2021

Training Schedule 2021

We provide public and bespoke training classes on many different aspects of Quality.

Training Class Duration Date Location
Exploratory Testing Online 2 1/2 days 8th/9th April 2021 Online
Exploratory Testing Workshop 1 day 4th March 2021 Sydney F2F
BDD Curriculum Various April 2021 Online

On Demand Private Classes 2021

Here are some of the training classes available for in-house training.

Training Class Duration Date Location
Testing for Product Professionals 1/2 day On Request Online/F2F
BDD Advanced 1/2 day On Request Online
TDD - An Introduction 1 hour On Request Online
TDD - Hands on Practical 3 hours On Request Online
Make Code Testable 4 1/2 days On Request Online
Quality Assistance for Teams 1/2 day On Request Online/F2F
Quality Coaching 2 days On Request Online/F2F

For all other classes, call us on 1300 291 191 for more information or fill in the form below

Training Approach

We offer both online and onsite training (for small groups). We provide coaching and mentoring programs in an online format. Enquire using our contact form below or give us a call on 1300 291 191

Most seminars and workshops use an experiential approach to learning. Experiential learning is learning by doing and reflecting. This includes for our online classes.

Attendees get the opportunity to perform exercises to create meaning and a deeper understanding of the topic at hand. All exercises are followed by a discussion were observations on the exercises are discussed and the consequences of what this may mean to the participant.

Online Training

Online training requires a different strategy to face to face training. Not only is there the technical logistics to consider, but the duration of training needs to be shorter and exercises need to be tailored to suit online conditions. Fortunately, at Testing Times we’ve thought of all that. Our training is performed in 1.5 hours sessions to allow participants to accommodate this training in their daily routine. We use breakout rooms for hands on exercises and use tools such as Miro to facilitate group work.

International Trainers

We partner with international experts to provide realtime training on bespoke topics.