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A flexible pool of talent

There are a number of reasons why hiring contractors can be a great solution for your business.

  • Fluctuating workloads may mean you need additional quality engineers for limited periods.

  • Headcount freezes may prevent you from employing the people you need.

  • If you are considering a new skillset such as quality coaching, you may wish to perform a pilot exploration to see if the skillset truly adds value.

  • Faced with a shortage of technical talent, contracting may be the only way to ensure against market demand.

Our quality engineering team is world class.

We work with the best, providing services in the following areas:
Functional Testing   Security Testing
Mobile App Testing   Performance Testing
Software Test Automation   Usability Testing
API Software testing   Quality Engineering Leadership
Continuous Testing in CI/CD   Software Test Coaching
Exploratory Testing   Quality Coaching (Product and Technical)
Robotic Process Automation   Quality Engineering Strategies
Consumer Driven Contract Testing   TDD (Test Driven Development)

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We personally train our quality engineering consultants to be able to handle uncertainty, rapid change, and be across the latest technologies and approaches.

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