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Anne-Marie Charrett

Testing Times was started in 1998 by Anne-Marie Charrett as a way to offer a personalised, high-calibre testing service to corporates and smaller businesses.

Over a decade has passed since then. We’ve grown in knowledge and understanding of what software testing means. We’ve studied software testing, software development and many other fields because we want to be the best software testers in Australia.

We’ve learned to be skeptical of traditional software testing practices that focus on external artifacts such as scripted test cases or a manic devotion to green builds yet overlook the quality of the testing performed. Instead we look at what quality means to you, using that to tailor the testing.

We believe that testing is only as good as its testers and with that in mind, our services focus on test team transformation, transitioning to agile testing, as well as training and coaching software testers.

We want to share these ideas with you. We believe they will help you add value to your testing in a practical and visible way.

We think you will like the testing we do, why not give us a call?

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