Software Testing Services

Testing Times offers consulting services in software testing in a context driven way. Our consulting is focused on  understanding your software development environment, the people in your company and what you want your software to become. Once we’ve done that, we offer you a solution based on adding value to your company.

For example, if you’re a small agile software development house that employs continuous integration, we offer a solution that’s light, flexible and reactive.

Software Testing Services

Testing Times offers the following consulting services

Test Team Development 
We transform your test team by focusing on improving their testing skill. We use a blend of training, coaching and mentoring to help your team learn how to work through problems in testing, help them become more motivated to learn new testing techniques and to help your organisation test better.

Agile Testing
We work with you to help your testers adjust to the complexities that agile testing demands. This is skill based training and development and it works like this. We work with the test team, observing their testing skills, then providing with the ability to up skill through coaching and training.

At Testing Times we think automation is a lot more than a framework and regression testing. To us automation is about using technology to test smarter and faster. This may mean

  • developing scripts to quickly develop documentation,
  • partial automation to assist in exploratory testing,
  • putting systems into a state that may be difficult under automation

Testing Services
We offer a context driven approach to testing. For us “best practice” is the best approach for your particular needs. We listen to those and then develop an approach that best meets those needs.

We often use rapid software testing techniques to help us test more efficiently and offer greater value to you. This technique places an emphasis on testing as opposed to producing testing artifacts. This testing is performed by skilled testers that are passionate about good testing.

Rapid software testing is a testing methodology designed by J.Bach & M. Bolton

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