Our Team


Testing Times is an independent software testing company that prides itself on offering software testing services that matter to you. By this we mean, we only recommend software testing strategies that offers value to the client.

We believe software testing is more than a process, it’s about skilled testers finding valuable information. We work hard to bring that information to you, not in the form of test case numbers, but in terms of valuable information that help you make informed decisions about your risk.

We avoid best practice, instead we look at your context and work for a solution around that. We make an effort to understand your business and the software testing we recommend and perform reflects this.

Software Testing is a skilled science demanding critical thinking, intelligence and an understanding of business needs. We only work with testers who understand this and have a reputation for testing excellence.

We don’t ask that our testers be  certified because we demand more than certification from our testers. We expect them to seriously study the craft of software testing, to aim for continuous self improvement, and to write and speak about software testing within the testing community.

If you feel that your current testing approach is not offering you the results you’re looking for, contact us on 0410560923 and perhaps we can find you a solution that does.

We have written extensively on the topic of software testing and we’ve made this material available to you. We are also extensively involved in the software testing community, helping testers become more knowledgeable about software testing.